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-This is the Morcucorp HQ, not the resistance HQ-

Outside the house is a shed go into the shed, (but you can only go in there once you have been in the house). on the wall is hole, use the hole to unlock stairs into tomb. Go down the stairs locate the glowing chest and deposit the bribe. Once you have done that then you go through a doorway into a room where the computer is for you to hack. The computer is in a room by itself.

the bribe to put in the chest is 2 pieces of Mummitormium which you can either buy from the relic merchant or find in the view map.

And in the main bedroom there's a stair case go down when you get down the bottom there's a set of feet tiles, stand on 2341 when the room glows green, go down the next set of stairs, stand on 1625 I think this is right I couldn't read the book either so I figured it out for myself.

On the bottom floor stand on tiles 8249 when the room glows green go to the room with the computer in when you hack the computer report back in.

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